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Jayson Kurfis

Vivid Microsocpy LLC

I started my company in May of 2018 to commercialize a fluorescent technology to aid in drug development. Since that time, I have received federal and state funding to assist in developing, scaling up and validating the product. At this point, Vivid is working with various research groups at Marquette and the VA to demonstrate usability in the assessing the severity of Covid. Vivid has also formed a relationship with a distributor, ProteinMods (proteinmods.com), to facilitate product distribution. The company has also presented a webinar with the products creator, Dr. Daniel Sem, so that individuals can ask scientific questions about the product and gain a more detailed understanding of product applications.

My background is in cosmetic product R&D, product management of chemical products and online marketing and analytics. I am open to a discussion about any of those topics.